Counseling Mission

The Counseling Mission is to provide professional services and programs to students, faculty, staff, and the Madison College community that empower students through holistic growth and development to be successful in the learning environment.

Personal Growth and Development

Develop self-awareness and self-appraisal strategies to increase the use of appropriate coping skills that promote emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Educational Effectiveness

Apply, assess and transfer the use of basic study skills and self-motivation to enhance the effectiveness of learning in college and lifelong learning opportunities.

Career Development

Use decision-making strategies that include personal assessment and career exploration to develop and implement a comprehensive career plan.


Establish realistic goals to promote success in college and in life by using problem solving and critical thinking strategies.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

Use effective communication and collaboration processes to establish and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships. Utilize available resources, develop cultural competence in a diverse society.

The Council For The Advancement of Standards in Higher Education