Motorcycle eCourse

You must complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse less than 30 days prior to starting your Basic Motorcycle Riding class.

  1. Take the MSF Basic eCourse
  2. Print your certificate
  3. Bring it to class
All Basic motorcycle classes in Wisconsin require the MSF Basic eCourse.
The $19.99 fee is paid directly to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The MSF Basic eCourse takes 1-4 hours to complete. It focuses on the basic concepts of motorcycling. From identifying a motorcycle’s controls to explaining how they work, the course also details a motorcycle’s basic operation, prepares a student to ride, provides strategies for common riding situations and more. Additionally, the eCourse outlines key safety concepts to promote responsible riding and risk-reducing behavior.
The MSF Basic eCourse allows you to bookmark where you left off and come back at a later time. And you can repeat segments you want to go back to and review or for reinforcement. Throughout the highly interactive course, self-assessment exercises allow you to rate your overall rider readiness. Finally, the MSF Basic eCourse makes students aware of the risks as well as the joys of being a motorcyclist.

If you have further questions regarding the Motorcycle Safety Program at Madison College, contact the Motorcycle Safety office.