Motorcycle Riding Gear

Refer to specific classes for additional requirements.

Students who do not have the proper riding gear, are not be permitted to ride and will fail the course.


You must have a helmet on while on the motorcycle.

Approved helmets are full or 3/4 face helmets. NO HALF HELMETS. The helmet must also be DOT approved. Helmets are available for use for the Basic Rider and Scooter classes. Motorcycle Industry Council - Helmet Safety

 Full Face HelmetModular HelmetThree Quarter HelmetHalf Helmet - Prohibited


Eye Protection:

Eye protection must be in place while on the motorcycle.

Eye protection on the range is goggles, clear or prescription glasses, sun glasses or a face shield mounted on a helmet. Clear eye protection is required when it gets dark.

 GogglesClear EyeglassesSun GlassesFace Shield


Gloves must be worn while on the motorcycle.

We need to have protection on our hands. Any good strong glove will do as long as they fit. The gloves must be full fingered with no holes in the fingers. NO FINGERLESS GLOVES.

 Motorcycle GlovesMotorcycle GloveLeather GloveFingerless Gloves - Prohibited

Body Protection:

A strong sturdy long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt or jacket must be worn while on the motorcycle.

Wear a heavy shirt or sweat shirt or jacket. NO SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS. Dress for the weather. We ride even if it gets cold. Dressing in layers is generally the best option.

 Motorcycle JacketLong Sleeved ShirtHeavy ShirtShort Sleeve Shirt - Prohibited

Long Pants:

Long pants must be worn while on the motorcycle.

Sturdy pants like blue jeans, motorcycle pants or chaps are acceptable. NO SHORTS.

 Motorcycle Riding SuitMotorcycle ChapsBlue JeansShorts - Prohibited

Foot Protection:

Over the ankle foot protection must be worn while on the motorcycle.

You need to have good foot protection to protect you feet and ankles. Foot protection must cover the ankle bone.

 Motorcycle BootsHigh Top ShoeLow Shoe - Prohibited

Rain Gear:

If it rains we will ride. To keep dry and warm you will need some type of rain protection. It can be a one piece rain suit or a rain jacket and pants. NO PONCHOS.

 One Piece Rain SuitTwo Piece Rain SuitRain Poncho - Prohibited