Global Navigation and My Blackboard 

My Blackboard provices quick access to useful tools and resources, as well as links to your courses.

Course-To-Course Navigation

This new feature may help you more quickly navigate between courses. Watch a Video demo of course to course navigation

From your My Blackboard page, click on the hyperlinked name or title of a course to access that course. Note: If you click on an announcement, you will only see the announcements page, not all of your course materials.

Navigation within a course

Instructors can set up course materials in many ways. Each course may have different menu items. For example, course information, syllabus, assignments, quizzes, instructor information, course content, are often used. Some instructors organize information by week 1, week 2, etc. Others may have unique menu items that fit well with that particular course.

Generally, use the course menu structure on the left hand side of your screen to navigate through a course. More information:

Check your course syllabus, emails and announcements from your instructor to learn how you will be using Blackboard with your course, and how you should progress through the course materials.

You may also find the breadcrumb trail top navigation useful for finding your way back to pages you have visited.

Student Quick Start Guide for Blackboard Learn 9.1 (PDF, 549 KB)

FAQ: Why don't I see my course materials?

my blackboard screenshot

First, check that on the myblackboard page, you click on the name of the course under mycourses module. Do not click on an announcement under a course name or on the myannouncements module. 

show menu arrowThen, in the course itself, check to make sure you haven’t accidentally hidden the menu bar. If you don't see a menu bar on the left, it might have been hidden. Look on the left side of the screen about a third of the way down the page. Roll your mouse over that area and if you see a little arrow type button appear, click it and the menu bar should come back. Clicking again will hide it.  

arrow up down hideIf that doesn’t work, towards the upper left corner in a block with the course name, you may see another double arrow  , which collapses the menu bar. Clicking that will expand, or collapse, the menu.

Collapse Menu - Summer 2013

The course menu has been improved. If you collapse the menu, it will only stay that way during the current session and only in the course that you are currently in.

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