N.E.T. Saturday

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

N.E.T. Saturday is a hands-on conference where a variety of professionals present employment-related topics to support Madison College student professional development. Please check back for details!

Here are some presentation examples from the 2015 N.E.T. Saturday conference:

Building Your Digital Brand: According to Forbes magazine, at least 2 in 5 job candidates are evaluated by potential employers on their personal social media sites. What is your digital image? In this session you will examine if your social media image will help you get a job. You'll learn how to develop a strong professional digital brand that can help you land your dream job.

Dining Etiquette: Business Dining Etiquette is much more than learning which fork to use; not understanding dining etiquette can cost you the job—either before or after the interview. Learn about and practice proper dining etiquette.

Salary Negotiation Tips:
 Practical tips on preparing yourself for salary negotiations, how to utilize accessible resources for current research and differentiating yourself from other candidates.

Credit and Your Career: Your credit matters. Learn how employers use credit in their hiring decisions and how to build or repair your credit through financial literacy.

Other sessions included:

Beyond Networking Etiquette
You Can Choose - Empowering Individuals
How Credit Effects Employment and Financial Literacy

The Advantages of Technology in Your Job Search
Discovering Your Personal Brand

If you missed N.E.T. Saturday in previous years, or just want to refresh your memory, here are some resources:

Check out the 2015 Day of Brochure. (PDF, 1.38 MB)

Check out the 2014 Day of Brochure. (PDF, 668KB)

Watch the 2014 opening session here.

What is your body language saying about you? (PDF, 724KB)

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