Note-Taking Accommodations

Note-taking services are available for qualified students with disabilities to ensure equal access to in-class information. Note-taking is not designed to be a substitute for class attendance. Note-taking does not include tutoring assistance. Tutoring is a separate service and is provided to all students at Madison College.

Note-taker Request Button





Accommodation Process

If you qualify for notetaking services, complete the online Note-Taker Request for each class you are requesting services for. If you have not already done so, complete the Agreement to Receive Notetaking Services, which indicates you understand and agree to the guidelines for services.

After a request is received, the instructor will be notified and can either decide to provide their own lecture notes or assist with finding a student (anonymously if requested) in the class to be a notetaker. If no one is interested in being an in-class notetaker, DRS will help the student explore back-up notetaking options, such as obtaining notes from the instructor or tape-recording the lecture.

Once a notetaker is identified, you and the notetaker will determine when the notes will be exchanged (i.e. after class, during lunch, etc.).