Note-Taking Accommodations

Note-taking services are available for qualified students with disabilities to ensure equal access to in-class information. Note-taking is not designed to be a substitute for class attendance. Note-taking does not include tutoring assistance. Tutoring is a separate service and is provided to all students at Madison College.

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Accommodation Process

Students requiring a note-taker should meet with a DRS Specialist to determine elegibility for note-taking services and which courses are appropriate. If you qualify for notetaking services, complete the online Note-Taker Request for each class you are requesting services for. If you have not already done so, complete the Agreement to Receive Note-taking Services, which outlines the guidelines for services.

After a request is received, the instructor will be notified and can either decide to provide their own lecture notes or assist with finding a student (anonymously if requested) in the class to be a note-taker. If no one is interested in being an in-class note-taker, or if the note-taker notifies the student in advance that he/she will be absent, DRS will help the student explore backup note-taking options, such as obtaining notes from the instructor or tape-recording the lecture.

Once a note-taker is identified, you and the notetaker will determine when the notes will be exchanged (i.e. after class, during lunch, etc). DRS will purchase the notes from the note-takers at the rate of $25 per class credit hour (ex: a 3 credit class = $75). If a student is taking notes for multiple students in the same class, he/she will receive $20 per additional student. Payment will be mailed to the note-taker approximately 3-4 weeks after the semester ends.