Nursing Assistant FAQs

Where are Influenza vaccines currently available?

Flu shots are available at the GHC Community Clinic located at the Truax Campus, as well as area pharmacies, etc.


Are Nursing Assistant courses available on the weekends?

Click here to view available sections of this course.

Questions? Please contact the School of Health Education at (608)246-6065.


How do I register for a Nursing Assistant course?

Please visit the Nursing Assistant Registration Requirements page for more details.


What are my options if I am not able to attend all the scheduled class times?

The Nursing Assistant Course is regulated by the Department of Health Services, including the course content and number of hours.  Successful completion requires students to have completed the full 120 course hours in the classroom, skills lab and clinical setting.  The expectation is the student will attend all hours for the course they have registered for. Students should not be registering for a course if they cannot commit to attending all the assigned hours.


Where will my clinical site be located?

The Nursing Assistant Program uses many different clinical sites. Clinical site assignment is based on instructor and clinical site availability. Clinical facilities are frequently not on a convenient bus route and may be as far as 16-25 miles from the campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation to their assigned clinical site. Car-pooling with peer students is encouraged as necessary. Please observe the posted hours on the website for start and end time ranges (clinicals can begin very early and end late, varying from the actual class and lab times on campus).

In addition, students may be required to follow up on specific requests as directed from the clinical site. This may include drug-testing (no fee), self-study lessons, facility badges ($12-15), finger-printing (no fee), parking (subject to fee), providing your social security number, etc. Please note: this is not an inclusive list and fees are subject to change.


If I've already completed a CastleBranch account for EMT, can I use it for the Nursing Assistant requirement?

Unfortunately, the EMT package is not sufficient and you will need to order the Nursing Assistant package code MJ17 ($68) to meet the Nursing Assistant requirement.

What costs should be anticipated in addition to the tuition for the course?

Students will need to budget for the following:

  • Textbook and supply bucket
  • Uniform and shoes
  • Processing fees for the BID and health history form through
  • Health screening with a health care provider, Tb skin tests, titers and vaccinations; health insurance, and certification fees (if certification is desired).  Successful completion of the course qualifies the student to become certified; however, the certification process and fees are not included in the course.

Please note: this program/course is not eligible for Financial Aid.

Where can I purchase the textbook and supply bucket?

The textbook and kit can be purchased at your campus bookstore. 

There is also a FREE PDF version of the book available here.


What is the uniform requirement for Nursing Assistant courses?

  • Clean, neat scrub pants or skirt in a solid color without writing, logos or patterns.
  • Clean, neat scrub top in a solid color without writing, logos or patterns. Ex: No Wisconsin Badger scrubs, Property of _____, etc.
  • Clean, white duty shoes – can be leather tennis shoes. No canvas shoes, clogs, sandals or platform soles, or any shoes that are pervious to fluids.
  • Socks or stockings must be worn.


I took the Nursing Assistant course, but did not take the certification exam.  What do I need to do now?

Testing must be completed within one year from the date on your Nursing Assistant course certificate. If testing is not successfully completed within one year, you must complete the entire Nursing Assistant course.


How do I get another Certificate of Completion?

The Nursing Assistant Certificate of Completion can be requested from the Program Director. Make sure your phone number and mailing address are up-to-date in your Student Center, to ensure a prompt delivery. Because the certificate is used only for certification application, certificates will not be generated beyond one year past graduation.


How do I apply to take the certification exam?

You will need to complete the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP®) Application for the Competency Examination. This application must be signed by your instructor. There is an additional fee for the certification exam (approximately $120) not included in the Nursing Assistant course.


I was certified in Wisconsin several years ago but my certification expired.  How do I renew my certification?

Certification Status may be updated every 2 years by:

Verification of Employment


Re-testing with Pearson Vue.


Where do I find contact information for Nurse Aide Registries in other states?

Please refer to the State Nurse Aide Registries document for addresses and phone numbers.


Who do I contact for more information?

Go to Pearson VUE’s website to:

• Download a Candidate Handbook

• Download an Application for Competency Evaluation

• Download an Out-of-State Application

• Download a Change Form

• Download a Nurse Aide Registry Renewal Form

• View Test Schedules and Deadline Dates

• View Frequently Asked Questions

• View the Nurse Aide Practice Written Examination

• Verify your status on the Registry


Call the American Red Cross to:

• Obtain a Candidate Handbook

• Obtain an application

• Schedule the examination

• Cancel a scheduled examination

• Arrange special examination requests and services

• Change your current address or name prior to testing

American Red Cross

Hours of Operation – 7:30am – 4:30pm

Phone – 1 (866) 257-5424

Fax – 1 (866) 257-6506

PO Box 5875

Harrisburg, PA 17110


Call Pearson VUE to:

• Clarify information about the Registry

• Obtain information on maintaining status on the Registry

• Obtain information regarding your Score Report

• Change your current address or name on file with the Registry

• Request a duplicate Score Report

• Obtain information regarding the examination

• Obtain information regarding reciprocity

• Obtain a Registry Renewal Form

WI Nurse Aide Registry (managed by Pearson VUE)

Hours of Operation – 7:00am – 4:00pm

Phone – 1 (877) 329-8760

NOTE: If you do not have Internet access, call Pearson VUE to verify your status on the Registry.