Obtaining a GED or HSED at a Regional Campus

Getting Your GED or HSED at a Regional Campus

STEP 1 - Attend a GED/HSED Pre-Testing Session: Please bring a valid ID.  At this session you will take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  You will also complete a state required career planning piece and an employability skills component.  These requirements will offer you the opportunity to explore career options as well as focus on job-search techniques.  Creating or modifying a resume will also be a part of this session.  (You may have completed career planning, employability skills, or a resume through another approved Community Based Organization.  If so, please bring your completed paperwork to the Pre-Test Session in order to receive credit for completion.)

At the Pre-Test Session you will learn about the accommodations that can be provided to students with documented disabilities.  Alternative HSED options will also be covered.  Lastly, you will create a Madison College student account.

Please allot three hours for this session.

STEP 2 - Register for Preparation Courses: At the end of the Pre-Test Session, you will meet with the session leader to discuss your TABE results.  Based on your scores, he or she will recommend classes to help ensure your success before beginning the official testing process.  If classes are not needed, you will proceed to the next step.

STEP 3 - Attend a GED/HSED Test Ready Session:  These sessions are held at our Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg, or Watertown campuses.  You will be referred to a Test Ready Session once you are prepared to take the official GED exams.

At this session you will create your account and learn how to prepare, register, and pay for your exams.  You'll have time to practice on this web site so that when you leave you feel comfortable navigating 

You'll meet the GED examiner at the Test Ready Session, and you'll learn about the check-in process and expectations in the test room.  The examiner will be able to answer all of your questions about taking the GED exams.

Please allot two hours for this session. 

STEP 4 - Begin Taking the Official GED/HSED Exams: Once you have completed the steps above, you may begin taking the official GED exams.

Contact Information

Fort Atkinson:  Martha 920-568-7229 or

Portage: Kallie 608-745-3115 or

Reedsburg:  Peggy 608-524-7891 or

Watertown:  Carol 920-206-8075 or