Obtaining a GED or HSED at a Regional Campus

Getting Your GED or HSED at a Regional Campus

STEP 1 - Attend a GED/HSED Pre-Testing Session: This session will take approximately 3 hours. At the session you will take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  Please bring a valid ID to the session.

STEP 2 - Register for Preparation Courses: At the end of the GED/HSED Orientation Session, you may speak with Madison College staff to discuss your TABE results. Based on your scores they can recommend classes to help ensure your success before beginning the official testing process. If classes are not needed, you will proceed to the next step.

STEP 3 - Attend a GED/HSED Test Ready Session:  This session will take approximately 3 hours to complete and is held at Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg or Watertown campuses.  Students will be referred to the GED/HSED Test Ready Session once they are prepared to take the official tests.  At this session, there will be an overview of the testing processes and procedures.  Students will also complete the mandatory state requirement of career planning and employability skills at this session.  This will offer students the opportunity to explore career options as well as focus on job searching techniques.  Assistance in creating or modifying a resume will also be a part of this session.

Students may complete career planning and employability skills through another qualified, approved Community Based organization.  Students should bring their completed paperwork to this Test Ready Session in order to receive credit for completion.  Please bring a valid ID and a completed Ticket to Test Ready to this session.

STEP 4 - Begin Taking the Official GED/HSED Exams: Once you have completed the GED/HSED Test Ready Session, you can begin taking the official GED/HSED exams.  Information is distributed at the Test Ready session and directions are also provided to register on line for an exam.