Offerings at the Madison College - South Campus

The Madison College - South Campus is an access point and a great place to build on your educational and career foundation!  We offer credit and noncredit courses and certificates to meet the needs of greater South Madison residents and employers, such as:

  • College Transfer/Liberal Arts Courses
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Adult Basic Education and high school completion (GED/HSED)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL/ELL)
  • Computers (credit and noncredit)
  • Global languages (credit and noncredit)
  • Entry-level child care certification training (in English, Spanish, and Hmong)
  • Sewing (noncredit), Edible Native Plants, Sustainable Beekeeping
  • Heartsaver/CPR for infants and young children


While the College offers technical diplomas, associate degrees, and certificates, the South Campus focuses on offering select credit certificates aimed at providing foundational skills in key, high-demand areas like computer skills and childcare/early childhood education training.

Certificates provide a small window into College's technical and associate degree programs and many of them are embedded in these degrees. For example, the Preschool Credential at 18 credits, is largely comprised of first-year Early Childhood Education Associate Degree courses, allowing students for a more smooth transition to the associate degree should they enroll in that program.


Bilingual Certificate Offerings

While we have developed several bilingual certificates, the following are currently active:

  • Microsoft® Office–Basic (bilingual and English-only)
  • Early Childhood Education/Preschool Credential (bilingual and English-only)
  • Early Childhood Education/Infant & Toddler Credential (bilingual only)


 The following certificates are currently not active as we need an interested pool of 15 students to run them:

  • Supervisory Management Basic and Intermediate Series (bilingual only)
  • Human Services (bilingual only)
  • Basic Accounting Assistant (bilingual only)


We are currently develpoing the following bilingual certificates:

  • Administrator Credential
  • Family ChildCare
  • Social Media
  • Risk Management Insurance



Certificates require the completion of a Madison College admission application. An assessment of English, Spanish and computer skills is also required. Basic computer skills are recommended.

To obtain a bilingual certificate, students must complete at least 67% of the certificate courses in a bilingual format. Please contact our main office for more information. We can be reached at (608) 243-4200 or


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