Online and Accelerated Program Student Checklist

Please use this Student Checklist as a guide to information or to keep track of items you have completed, or those you have yet to complete as a student at Madison College. 

Please use the following link to view tutorials on many of the items listed below You may contact the School of Online and Accelerated Learning at 608-245-5850 for assistance.

Student Checklist:

o Submit Official High School and all College Transcripts to the Enrollment Center

• Send all required documents listed on the Admission Requirements link (on the right side of the program information page) to the Enrollment Center. Learn more how to send your official transcripts at
Note: Your program may require you to submit your official high school transcripts or GED or HSED transcripts. If you have obtained a GED or HSED from Madison College, you must contact the Testing and Assessment Center at 608-246-5220 to request that a transcript be sent to Admissions at the College.

o Complete the “Orientation to Online & Accelerated Learning”

• Please follow the directions provided in this link to complete the required orientation. Once completed, you will be able to enroll in classes as long as you have met all other prerequisites required for each course.

o Activate your myMadisonCollege Student Account

• Go to the Madison College Homepage at
• Click on MyMadisonCollege at the top of the page.
• Click on New Student? Set Up Access Now and answer the questions.
• Write down your user name and password in a safe place. You will use this information to log in to Madison College computers, check your email, access your Student Center, and log in to Blackboard.

o Activate your Madison College Email Account

• Your Madison College email is the official method of communication between you and the College. Therefore, instructors and staff will communicate with you through your student email account instead of your personal email account.
• Check your email frequently for important information from the College and your instructors.
• Activate your email account at .
• Click on the Login to your “Office 365 Student Webmail” link. Here you can find information on how to use your college email if you need additional training or assistance.
• Click on the “Log into your email” link. Enter your user name and password (same as MyMadisonCollege user name and password).
• Once you activate your email account you can access it by clicking on the Student Email link on the Madison College homepage.

o Request Transfer Credit, Experiential Learning, and Challenge Exams

• If you would like to request credit for classes already completed at another college or have Advanced Placement credits from high school, official transcripts must be sent to the Enrollment Center, along with a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form. You can find the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form at .

o Request Experiential Learning Credit and Challenge Exam Information

• Advanced standing may be granted based on demonstrated/documented college-level, work experience or military learning. For more information go to, and
• The Business Technology Department administers an exam for courses related to many Madison College programs for students to gain advanced standing. For more information go to:
Note: Advanced Standing options can vary based on individual programs, therefore; it is important to speak with your advisor.

o Apply for Financial Aid

• Complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by going to If you haven’t applied for financial aid in the past, you will need to apply for a PIN. Make sure you write down your PIN in a safe place, as you will need it in the future.
• You will need last year’s income tax return and W-2 forms to apply. To avoid being required to request and submit your and/or your spouses or parent(s)’ tax transcript, use the IRS Data Retrieval tool on the FAFSA form.
• Important: If you are under the age of 25, and do not fit into at least 1 of the following categories, you will also need your parents’ last income tax return and W-2 forms to apply:
-Married -Have dependents -Active duty military or veteran -Homeless
-In Foster care -Dependent of the state -Emancipated minor
• You should apply for aid as soon as possible, since some forms of aid run out.
• You must be accepted to a 1 or 2 year Madison College program to receive aid. Certificates are not eligible for federal financial aid.
• You also must be registered for at least 6 degree credits to receive loans.
• To learn more about Financial Aid go to:
• If you are interested in applying for a scholarship you may find information at

o Complete your financial aid "to do" list

• You will receive information about your financial aid via your Madison College email account.
• Check your financial aid To Do List in your Student Center and click on “view all.” You should click on every item listed in the To Do Item column for a description of what is required.
• Click on each link under the Document column to access the forms that you may need to complete. Make sure to sign and date necessary forms before submitting them to the Enrollment Center.
• If you intend to take student loans, you must complete the Master Promissory Note & Entrance Loan Counseling – Complete your Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Loan Counseling (ELC) through the Student website. The URL address is . You will need your FAFSA PIN to complete this.
• Set Up E-Refunding – If you would like financial aid refunds deposited to your bank, select E-Refunding in your Student Center. Directions on how to do this can be found at .
• Accept or Decline Award- Go to the Accept/Decline Awards link in your Student Center. Directions on how to do this can be found at .
Remember, you must be accepted to a Madison College program, registered for classes, and submit all required documents, in order to be eligible to receive federal financial aid!

o Take the COMPASS Assessment

*Note: Please contact your Advisor for more information on when to take the COMPASS test based on your program.

• If you don’t have college credit in math or English, you will need to take the COMPASS assessment before registering for many classes.
• Check the schedule for COMPASS test times and locations, find general information about the test, and register for a COMPASS session at
• If you would like test preparation assistance you may visit the following link: Test Preparation Resources. Or if you prefer to visit a campus for test preparation assistance you may contact the Student Achievement Center at your local campus.
• The COMPASS takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Please be sure to take a valid photo ID to the testing site.

o Check Enrollment Date

• Log in to your MyMadisonCollege account. (If you don’t remember your user name and/or password, click on “New Student? Set Up Access Now”, follow instructions and log in.)
• Click on the box on the left side that states “Go to my Student Center”.
• Click on the link under “Enrollment Dates” heading on the right side of the page.
• Choose the appropriate term and degree career.
• Enrollment date will be shown under “Begins On.”

o Familiarize yourself with your Program's Webpage and Curriculum

• Go to the main page of Madison College, in the a-z index click on the first letter of your program and scroll down until you find the name of your program.  Click on the link and this will take you to your program's webpage and curriculum information.
• For Accelerated programs, you can also find the schedule of your cycle in the a to z index under "a".  You can look up your program starting with "Accelerated Associate's Degree. . ."

o Run your Academic Requirement Report (Advisement Report)

• You will have access to this report once you have been admitted to a program or certificate. We suggest that you run this report before registration and after each semester to verify that your classes have been posted accurately.
• Log in to your MyMadisonCollege account. (If you don’t remember your user name and/or password, click on “New Student? Set Up Access Now”, follow instructions and log in.)
• Click on the box on the left side that states “Go to my Student Center”.
• Locate the “other academic…” drop down box and select “Academic Requirements”.
• The report will show your degree progress including transfer credits or other advanced standing credits posted to your student record. Only students “active” in a program or certificate will be able to access this report.
• For information on how to read the report, go to

o Register for Classes

• Go to the Madison College website at
• Click on MyMadisonCollege.
• Log in to your MyMadisonCollege account. (If you don’t remember your user name and/or password, click on “New Student? Set Up Access Now”, follow instructions and log in.)
• Click on the box on the left side that states “Go to my Student Center”.
• Click on “Enroll” from under the Academics heading.
• Select the appropriate semester for “Degree Career” and Continue.
• Next, either search for a class or enter the 5 digit class number.
Helpful hints: When searching for a class, you may enter the 8 digit course number and then click the “Additional Search Criteria” green arrow. Scroll down to “Mode of Instruction” and choose the mode of instruction you are looking for such as Online Course or Accelerated, and then click the green Search bottom. From the results, be sure to click the “View All Sections” link.
• Check the box “Wait list if class is full” in case the class is full and you are willing to be added to the wait list for the next available seat.
• On the next page, click on Next and the class will be put into your course shopping cart.
• When you have all of the classes you are considering in your shopping cart, review your choices. If there are classes you would no longer like to consider, click on the trash can in the delete column to delete that choice, then click Proceed to Step 2 of 3.
• When you are happy with your choices, click Finish Enrolling.
• Scroll down to the bottom of the page. A green check next to the class(es) means you are successfully registered. If there is a red “x”, you are not registered for the class or classes, and a reason will be provided.
*Note: Dropping a class may affect your financial aid standing. Before dropping a class, please contact your advisor. Please be aware that if you need to drop a class, you must drop it at least one day prior to the start date or you will be responsible for all or part of the tuition. Please see Madison College’s refund policy at

o Log into Blackboard

• Log into Blackboard from the Madison College home page (using your myMadisonCollege username and password) and become familiar with your course. You may log in to Blackboard and access frequently asked questions at . Your course will be available approximately one week prior to the start of your first class. Information from your instructor, including the assignment that will be due the first night (for accelerated courses), can be found here.
• If you have trouble with your log in, you may contact the Student Computer Help Desk at 608-243-4444.

o Find textbook information

• The required textbooks for your classes can be found in your myMadisonCollege Student Center or on the courses’ Blackboard site. You must have your textbook for the first night of class.
• The method for finding and purchasing textbooks may vary depending on which campus you are attending. Information on how to find and purchase your textbooks can be found at

Additional Checklist Items

o Create a New Student Account at Madison College

• Individuals who have not created an account or applied to a program at Madison College must do so prior to registering for classes.
• Create a Student Account online at:
For assistance, view the Account Creation tutorial at: Please note: A Social Security Number is required for online account creation.

o Apply Online for Admission at Madison College

• Go to the Madison College Admission Process page at .
• Follow the 4-step process to complete an online “program application” (please note that there is also a process for a “certificate application”).
• The application process includes creating an ApplyWeb account. This is a separate account from your myMadisonCollege student account which if not already activated; you may do so by following the directions on the next checklist item below.
• You will be charged a one-time application fee of $30 and a $5 processing fee (payable by credit card, debit card or electronic check). If you have previously applied to the College and paid the $30 application fee, you will only be charged the $5 processing fee.
• Write down your username and password in a safe place. You will need this information to update an application or submit a new application to the admissions department.

o View your Transfer Credit Report

• Once transfer credits from another institution have been evaluated by Madison College, they will be available to view in your student center. To determine what, if any, transfer credit has been posted to your academic record, you can view your transfer credit report.
• Log in to your MyMadisonCollege account. (If you don’t remember your user name and/or password, click on “New Student? Set Up Access Now”, follow instructions and log in.)
• Click on the box on the left side that states “Go to my Student Center”.
• Locate the “other academic…” drop down box and select “Transfer Credit Report”.
• The report will show transfer credits and other advanced standing credits that have been posted to your student record.

o Request a Parking Permit

• From the top of the Madison College homepage select myMadisonCollege.
• Enter your username and password; click sign on.
• Click on the box one the left side that states "Go to my Student Center".
• Click the "Order a Parking Permit" link from under the Finances heading.
• Read the parking permit request information carefully
     *Only the Truax and Commercial Ave campuses require a parking permit.  Permits must be ordered each semester, including summer.
     *Parking permits must be ordered online.  Once ordered, visit the Public Safety Services, to pick up your permit.  There is no grace period for parking at the beginning of the semester.
• Select the semester and check the Parking Permit checkbox.
• Click process order to complete your request.

o Obtain OneCard (your Student ID)

• Your OneCard can only be received in person (OneCards are not required for online program students who will not be attending classes on campus). Go to the Student Life Office at the Downtown (Rm 125) or Truax (Rm 140) campuses or the Main Office at all other campuses except Commercial Avenue campus. You will need to:
• be enrolled in at least one-credit course (degree or non-degree).
• present a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or military ID.
• have no past due balance on your student account.
• You may find more information on the OneCard and privileges and responsibilities of having a student OneCard at

o Review How to Pay for Classes Online

• Log in to myMadisonCollege.
• Go to Student Center.
• Under the Finances heading you will see your Account Summary.
• Under My Account, click on Account Inquiry/Make Payment.
• For other payment option, please go to:
• To view payment due dates, please go to:

o View Available Student Software Discounts

• Software discounts are available to Madison College students, please visit the following link to view software options: Once at the WISC webpage, under WTCS Students, select Madison Area.

o View Resource Information

• Visit the following website for further resource information:

School of Online and Accelerated Learning