Online Business Management

The fully online Business Management Associate's Degree provides learners with foundational skills needed to operate, manage or supervise a business.  Graduates are prepared to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities encountered in today's dynamic business environment.  Learners develop competence in the business functions of planning, financing, organizing, directing and controlling.  Apply Today!

Questions and Answers:

  • Q:  When can I start the online Business Management program?
  • A:  We accept applications for the Fall and Spring semesters.  View the Admission Requirements page for application deadlines.

  • Q:  Are there any special requirements to be in the online program?
  • A:  Yes.  You must complete the Orientation to Online and Accelerated Learning prior to being accepted into the program.

  • Q:  Are there any courses offered only once per year?
  • A:  Potentially; course offerings will depend in large part on demand.  Students should not count on every class being offered each semester in every format (online, face-to-face, accelerated).

  • Q:  Is there a suggested order of courses?
  • A:  We do not require you to take the online classes in any order.  However, you can refer to the Business Management curriculum sheet for a suggested order.  Please note that some courses have prerequisite requirements, just as they do in the face-to-face and accelerated courses.

  • Q:  If I enroll in the online Business Management program, do I have to take every class online?
  • A:  No.  Students can combine traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and accelerated classes with online classes.  While you may take all required courses online, many students complete the majority of courses online, but prefer a face-to-face format in certain content areas.

  • Q:  Do I need to take the COMPASS test?
  • A:  COMPASS test scores are not a requirement for admissions; however, unless you have successfully completed a college-level English or Math course, you will need to take the COMPASS test as some courses require COMPASS scores for enrollment.

  • Q:  Are there any suggestions for how to be successful in the online program?
  • A:  Yes:
    • It helps to create a weekly schedule and stick with it.  Make sure to read all instructions and never assume.  When you have a question, don't be afraid to ask!
    • It is beneficial to strengthen your group interaction qualifications (via work or volunteer experience, for example).  Employers probe for examples of students using these skills, and augmenting your online group experiences will serve you well.

  • Q:  Are the classes in this program self-paced?
  • A:  No.  Typically the online classes will have weekly assignments with weekly due dates.