Online Meeting & Event Management

The fully online Meeting and Event Management program is designed to prepare students for highly responsible positions in the convention, conference and meeting planning industry. Students develop negotiation, decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills as well as learn about contract law, facilities, financial management and related areas of convention, conference and meeting management.  Apply now!

Questions and Answers:

  • Q:  When can I start the online Meeting and Event Management program?
  • A:  The Meeting and Event Management - Online program accepts applications in both the fall and spring semesters.  View the Admission Requirements page for application deadlines.

  • Q:  Are there any classes offered only once per year?
  • A:  The sequencing of the classes has been developed with a Fall semester start in mind.  However, we do offer the fundamental cornerstone classes year round.

  • Q:  Are there any special requirements to be in the online program?
  • A:  Yes.  You must complete the Orientation to Online and Accelerated Learning prior to being admitted into the online program.

  • Q:  Do you have any suggestions for how to be successful in the online program?
  • A:  Yes:
    • Students who do well in this program are ones who fully engage in the course conversations and lectures.  It is also important to carve out time to work on class projects.
    • Much of what students do in this program is create event projects and participate not only in class but attend meetings and events on their own to see the competencies we discuss in class, in real life situations.

  • Q:  Is there a suggested order of classes?
  • A:  Yes, please refer to the Meeting and Event Management curriculum sheet for the suggested order of classes.

  • Q:  Is there an internship involved in this program?
  • A:  Yes, there is an internship required - 200 hours.  This requirement matches the requirement for the Certified Meeting Professional designation.  Once students get two years or more of real world experience planning meetings and events under their belt, they qualify to sit for this exam, a  premier designation in the meetings industry.

  • Q:  Are the classes in the online program self-paced?
  • A:  No.  Typically classes have weekly assignments with weekly due dates.