Online Office Assistant

The fully online Office Assistant is a one-year technical diploma that gives the student an understanding of the general business activities required of office employees. Software skills, along with customer service and interpersonal skills, are emphasized. Apply Now!

Questions and Answers:

  • Q:  When can I start the online Office Assistant program?
  • A:  The online Office Assistant program accepts applications in both the fall and spring semesters.  View the Admission Requirements page for application deadlines.

  • Q:  Are there any classes only offered once per year?
  • A:  No.  Currently, all classes are offered both Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Q:  Are there any special requirements to be in the online program?
  • A:  Yes, you must complete the Orientation to Online and Accelerated Learning prior to being admitted into the online program.  In addition, you must have successfully completed Intro to Keyboarding (10-106-101) or have the ability to verify keyboarding proficiency.

  • Q:  Do you have any suggestions for how to be successful in the online program?
  • A:  Yes:
    • You should have a mastery of software skills, a mastery of English fundamentals, enjoy working with people, enjoy problem solving and be detail oriented.
    • You must have access to Office 2013, as all software courses (all levels) will use Office 2013 only.

  • Q:  Is there a suggested order of classes?
  • A:  Yes, please refer to the Office Assistant curriculum sheet for the suggested order of classes.

  • Q:  Is there anything unique about the online program?
  • A:  Yes, students are given the opportunity to apply prior experience towards their degree requirements.  Please speak with your program faculty for more information.

  • Q:  Are the classes self-paced?
  • A:  Typically our assignments are due every week with weekly deadlines.  Depending on the instructor teaching the course, students may be able to complete assignments ahead of time if they choose to do so.