Email Tutoring

Email Tutoring

For those students who can’t come to campus for a face-to-face session with a Writing Center tutor, email tutoring is a great option.  But there are some things you should know about working with an online tutor:

1.  While your tutor will be happy to help you improve your grammar and proofreading skills, she will not “fix” your paper for you.  You will get the most out of your online session if you send along a description of the assignment and let the tutor know in your initial email what specific issues you'd like him to  focus on in his review.

2.  The turn-around time will be at least two days, so plan ahead.   

3.  When you submit a draft to the online tutor, you will get a quick reply acknowledging receipt of the draft. Also, the tutor may send back a few questions if something isn’t clear. 

4. In the message of your email, please include your name and student i.d. number.  Attach the draft as a Word document.     

Okay, now you're ready.  Click here to send your draft. (note: if this link doesn't open, you can send your email directly to

 If you don’t receive an email acknowledgement within 24 hours, contact the Writing Center director Sarah Z. Johnson at