Optometric Technician Online Program


The online Optometric Technician program is taught completely online. You will not be required to come to the Madison campus. Online program courses are designed for individuals already employed in an eye care office.

Online Course Application Process

Complete and submit an Online Application, official transcripts documenting graduation, and the online Optometric Technician Mentor Form to enroll in an online class. Further forms will be required once these documents have been received and approved.

  • Students are required to have an onsite mentor assist them in practicing the lab skills and then verifying their level of competence performing the skills.  It is estimated that the mentor will need to be able to assist the student an average hours per week. A mentor guide book is sent to the mentor at the beginning of each semester.  The courses contain the same subject matter as the traditional face-to-face courses available at Madison Area Technical College campus and will follow the semester schedule. Courses requiring a mentor are: Optical Dispensing 1 and 2, Ophthalmic Pre-testing, Basic Optical Concepts, Contact Lenses and Ophthalmic Specialty Testing.
  • Be capable of working without a day to day schedule. Online courses do not require classroom meetings. Students are expected to complete weekly assignments and participate in online discussions at least every other day.
  • Be self-motivated, independent, and have basic knowledge in computer operations such as keyboarding, sending and receiving email, attaching documents to email, surfing the Internet. For more information about online learning, refer to "Are you an Online Learner?."
  • Make time to devote to course work. These are college credit courses that typically meet 4-7 hours per week in the traditional setting. Internet students are required to do the same work as the face-to-face student.

"I feel I understand more about the problems our patients have and can talk to the doctor in more detail about them. I don’t feel like I am totally in the dark anymore when it comes to the eye, but still need to learn a lot more. I can’t wait to learn more. The more I know, the better I can do my job.”
- A student, after completing Ocular Anatomy through the Online Program

For more information about the Optometric Technician program, contact Ann Hayden-Finger, program director, at (608) 246-6472 or