Our Purpose

United Common Ground is a student organization that will develop, implement, and host learning programs on diversity, multiculturalism, and contemporary issues through: demonstrating tolerance, empowering students, building unity, and promoting diversity.
Joining United Common Ground means joining a team dedicated to making a difference through educational/social programs and events. You will make new friends, learn important organizing skills and get a chance to meet interesting performers and speakers.
Over the past few years United Common Ground (UCG) has made a concerted effort to initiate campus wide events that will build unity, educate and raise awareness about marginalized/oppressed groups. We are also committed to informing students about social and contemporary issues.
Additionally, we strive to promote understanding about the needs of these groups/issues and provide opportunities to all for action and interaction. We focus on the education of acceptance and tolerance by promoting a safe environment where people with different culture, ethnicity and values are treated with respect and dignity.
UCG had sponsored many campus wide events relating to raising awareness of social/environmental issues, cultural traditions and celebrations. Some of the past events UCG has hosted range from sugar skull decorating workshops in celebration of the Latin tradition Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), exploring the impact of Bob Marley's music on social revolution worldwide to making earth friendly reusable bags and recyclable art.
We believe that no single language, religion, music, philosophy, art,social system or skin color defines humanity. Respect of unity and the common grounds we all share is the philosophy and foundation of our organization.