Override Request Form

Complete this form if you are being blocked from registering for a class that you feel you meet the requirements/prerequisites for. This form is not for registration being blocked due to your enrollment date appointment - only prerequisites.

NOTE: If the last date to enroll has passed, and prerequisites have been granted as a result of the following request, instructors must ALSO grant permission for registration. The last date to enroll can be found in the class details.

You must use only your official college email address in this process for communication. You can activate your Madison College student email account.
Course 1
Please list the 5-digit class ID number and course name for each class section you are requesting an override for. You may submit up to 4 requests on this form by expanding the boxes below.
5-digit class ID number
You should receive a response via the email you listed above within 24-48 hours after submitting the form, unless it was submitted during a weekend or holiday.