Painting Courses

Painting 1 (20815241) Introduces students to the basic techniques of oil painting, with emphasis on composition and color. Students will paint from classroom still life arrangements for the first part of the course. Later in the semester, students are encouraged to develop paintings that explore personal themes. Prerequisites: Drawing Fundamentals & Design Fundamentals.

Painting 2 (20815242) An intermediate level painting course emphasizing the development of conceptualization skills. Painting projects encourage students to respond to a general theme, subject, or concept by developing a unique and personal image. Students can respond to assignments by working in various paint media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, or collage) Prerequisite: Painting 1.

Watercolor 1 (20815292) An introductory course in watercolor painting. Students will learn about the media and investigate various applications. There will be emphasis placed on composition and color as students develop paintings from both classroom still life arrangements and personal sources. Prerequisites: Drawing Fundamentals. & Design Fundamentals.

Watercolor 2 (20815297) After an introductory course in watercolor, students will work on more advanced problems related to this medium. Students will be encouraged to explore a more personal approach to the subject and content of their paintings. Prerequisites: Watercolor 1.

2D Studio Independent Study (20815227) This course allows students to continue to explore studio research in the areas of drawing or painting. An intermediate level of experience and familiarity of chosen media is assumed as students are required to produce advanced level work.  

Independent Projects - Studio Art (20815218) Emphasis in developing a coherent series of studio works in a self-proposed area of research. Media option include painting, drawing, mono print, assemblage, or hybrid.