Parking concerns?

Due to recent construction on the Truax Campus there will be slight changes in parking arrangements. Please review the most up to date parking map.


A valid student parking permit is required for all vehicles parked at the Truax or Commercial Avenue campuses. All vehicles must display a valid student permit at all times and park in designated areas only. Designated parking areas for students are in marked stalls only. Parking along curbs or on the grass is NOT allowed anywhere on Madison College campuses. The Madison College Truax campus offers additional parking in our “overflow” lots across Anderson Street, adjacent to the Lussier Athletic Park, and off of Straubel Street.  Vehicles found in violation of the current college parking policy are subject to a parking citation and/or towing at the owner’s expense without warning.  You can obtain your student parking permit at the Public Safety Office room B1240, the fee for this permit is included in your student fees.


Madison College Public Safety asks that all new employees or current employees requesting a parking permit come to the Public Safety office, Room B1240, to pick up their permit. Be sure to bring a state or government photo ID.  We no longer offer online requests for parking permits due to logistical issues regarding the delivery of permits. Madison College Employee Parking Permits are only issued to permanent Fulltime and Part-time employees and part time faculty. Student employees and casual employees will be issued parking permits for the student parking lots only. For the Foundation Centre, only employees assigned to that building as a permanent full time or permanent part-time employee will be issued Foundation Centre parking permits. Student employees and casual employees are required to park in the student parking lots.

Please call (608) 246-6031 with any questions. 

Employee or Administrator parking permits are required to park in the employee parking lots at the Truax Campus. The “cling” style parking permits are no longer valid and must be replaced with a hang tag permit. This requirement has been in place since 2012. The proper permits can be obtained at the Madison College Public Safety office Room B1240. Vehicles without proper permits may be issued a parking citation and/or towed at the owner’s expense. 

Madison College employees are required to park ONLY in marked parking stalls. Parking along the marked “No Parking” areas are not allowed and may result in a citation and or towing at the owner’s expense. Parking at the striped end of parking lanes is also not allowed on Madison College property and may also result in a citation and towing at owner’s expense. Parking in the court areas behind the Truax building is ONLY for administrators, managers, and lab project vehicles with a permit. No other employees are authorized to park in the courts regardless of where they assigned work areas are. ESP/PSRP employees are expected to park ONLY in the authorized employee parking areas and not in the courts. Those authorized to park in the courts are also expected to park only in marked parking stalls. These type of rules are not exclusive to Madison College and similar rules are in place at most large private and or public institutions. The rules are in place for the safety of Madison College employees, students, and guests. 

If you have received a parking citation from Madison College Public Safety Services and wish to have it reviewed please follow this link and download a citation review form. The form must be submitted to the Public Safety office within seven business says of the date that the citation was issued. You will receive a response in 3-5 business days.   Ticket Dispute Form

Short-Term and Visitor Parking

At Truax, parking meters, for 1 hour, are provided off Anderson Street and Wright Street. Gated visitor parking is located in the large lot West of Wright Street. For parking concerns or questions, please call (608) 246-6031.

State Disabled Parking for Students, Staff and Visitors

Students and staff on campus do not need to register to park in State Disabled stalls as long as they display their valid disabled identification card or license plate.

Motorcycle and Moped Parking for Student, Staff, and Visitors

Motorcycles and mopeds do not require a parking permit. Motorcycle parking is limited to designated areas only. Mopeds are allowed to park free in bicycle racks.

Bicycle Parking for Students, Staff and Visitors

Bicycle racks are provided at the Truax Campus, Commercial Avenue, West, and Downtown Education centers.

All bicycles must be parked in these racks. Bicycles found on lawns or chained to stairways, railings, etc., will be removed or detained. No bicycles are to be brought into college buildings.