Participant Responsibilities


Participant Responsibilities

The Agricultural Equipment Technology Program is a partnership between,  Madison College, John Deere & Company, participating John Deere dealerships, and participating students.  Each has the following responsibilities in this partnership.

·      Maintain a current curriculum.
·      Provide a dedicated classroom and laboratory.
·      Provide trained instructors.
·      Provide equipment and tools for students to use at Madison College classes.
·      Promote, advertise, and recruit qualified student candidates.
·      Test applicants and assist dealers with student selection for the program.
·      Maintain all student records.
·      Provide customary student services such as academic advisement, financial aid, counseling, etc.
·      Furnish program information to the public when requested.

·      Encourage dealer cooperation and support.
·      Provide special training for John Deere Tech instructors.
·      Furnish the school with John Deere training equipment (manuals, components, essential tools, and related goods).
·      Oversee and participate in student selection procedures.
·      Oversee and participate in instructor selection procedures. 
·      Monitor all phases of John Deere Tech to assure success.

·      Indicate interest in being a sponsoring dealer, so dealership name can be made available to interested students.
·      Interview and select student(s) that the dealership will sponsor.
·      Actively recruit students for John Deere Tech.
·      Appoint an in-dealership coordinator to assist the Madison College John Deere Tech coordinator, in planning and monitoring the cooperative work experiences.
·      Provide appropriate work experience which reinforces the student’s most recent classroom instruction.
·      Pay students during periods of dealership cooperative work experience.
·      Provide the student/employee with dealership uniforms to be worn during Madison College classes.
·      Dealer must provide student with a John Deere Pathways identification number and maintain it for the length of the program.

·      Submit high school transcript or GED scores to the Admissions Office.
·      Apply for admission to Madison College.
·      Obtain and maintain a dealership sponsor.
·      Complete entrance test(s) at acceptable levels.
·      Maintain Madison College’s and John Deere’s academic standards and adhere to academic policies, rules, and regulations.
·      Wear specified uniforms, safety glasses, and safety shoes while on campus and during supervised occupational work experiences at the sponsoring dealership. 
·      Participate in all learning activities and experiences at the sponsoring dealership.
·      Provide the sponsoring dealership with responsible and productive employment.
·      Pay for program costs:  tuition, fees, books, and tools.