Phlebotomy Training

Important Information Related to Training

Phlebotomy training at Madison Area Technical College consists of two 2-credit courses:

  • Intro to Phlebotomy (10-513-100)
  • Phlebotomy Techniques (10-513-154)
  • Both courses must be taken in the same semester.

Pre-requisites include:

  • High School/GED/HSED completion or higher degree documented on file 
  • COMPASS Pre-Algebra 55, Reading 80 and Writing 70 or
    • ACT Math 17-23, Read 18-36 and English 17-36 or
    • ASSET Elem Alg 22-55, Write 44-55 and Read 42-53 or
    • Written Com, English1 or higher and College Math 10804107, Elementary Algebra 10834110 or higher
    • Testing can be waived, if official transcripts on file reflect completion of a 2-year Technical Diploma, Associates Degree or higher

Computer literacy and keyboarding skills are highly recommended.

Information about registration can be found on the Madison College Registration Process web page.

Students can anticipate spending at least 6 hours per week above and beyond scheduled class time to study the course material and complete required assignments.  Course Competency information, Phlebotomy Training Course Competencies (PDF, 423KB).

Students are placed in clinical rotations during daytime hours only due to limited instructional personnel during evening and night hours.

Students must have the transportation means to travel outside the immediate Madison area for clinical rotation sites if required.

Phlebotomy training is not Financial Aid eligible.


The following requirements should be done after registering for the Phlebotomy Training courses:

Health Screening Form

Students must meet the requirements specified on the Madison Area Technical College Health Screening form (PDF, 179KB).  A completed form must uploaded to CastleBranch by the first week of class. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the certificate. Because of the nature of the clinical experiences, it is strongly recommended that students be immunized against Hepatitis B. Students who do not receive the vaccine will be required to sign a waiver indicating their decisions to decline the vaccine.

Registered students are required to pay a fee to Certified Background for processing of the Health Screening Form and the Background Check mentioned below.  Code for Truax campus is MK05truax.  Code for Fort Atkinson campus is MK05fort. Code for Reedsburg campus is MK05Reeds. This fee changes annually and can be found here:

Caregiver Background Check

As required by Wisconsin law, any student who has access to patients during a clinical experience must undergo a Caregiver Background Check. Based upon the information disclosed by the student or revealed by the background check, additional research, including a request for information related to out-of state residence, may need to be conducted. As required by law, all information obtained by the background check process must be released to the student’s clinical sites. The discovery of a criminal history may bar a student from participating in the clinical training and gaining employment as a phlebotomist. The Background Information Disclosure form (PDF, 179KB) can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website. This completed form must uploaded to CastleBranch, by the first week of class. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the certificate. If you have questions regarding how a criminal history will affect your participation in this class career please contact: (800) 322-6282, ext. 6351 or (608) 246-6351.

Student Instructions for CastleBranch  - For registered Phlebotomy students only, to be completed by the first week of class.

Health Insurance Coverage

Due to the inherent risk of exposure to harmful agents, students in the phlebotomy training certificate are required to have health insurance. A low cost accident insurance plan, covering accident and illness occuring at a clinical site only, is available to students through Madison Area Technical College at the student’s expense.