Photography (20815234) Basic course in 35 mm black-and-white photography featuring instruction in camera operation, film developing, printing and mounting techniques. Students provide their own cameras and film.

Creative Photography (20815235) Basic 35mm camera and darkroom techniques are reviewed. Personal expression of photography as a fine art is encouraged through a series of problems stressing personal vision and mastery of the photographic medium. Recommendation: completion of Photography.

Advanced Creative Photography (20815236) Continues the exploration of photography as a fine art as presented in 20815235 Creative Photography. Further exploration of camera and darkroom techniques intended to foster the understanding of photography as a means of artistic expression. Prerequisite: Creative Photography.

Digital Photography (20815239) Provides an introduction to the photographic process through the use of digital cameras to produce images for presentations, the World Wide Web, and electronic publication. Covers basic principles of effective composition, light, exposure and control of motion and focus. Participants provide their own digital camera. 

Digital Photography Independent Study (20815233) Students will work independently on digital photography projects under the supervision of an instructor. 

Creative Photography Independent Study (20815238) Students will work independently on creative photography projects under the supervision of an instructor.