African Student Association (ASA) Club

Mission Statement:        
The African Student Association (ASA) club is an innovative student centered club, which offers high quality social and communal experiences through a variety of club activities geared at supporting African students and promoting collaboration with the entire Madison College community and beyond.
ASA's mission is to unify the African student body and friends of Africa within Madison College. We believe in creating an a club where students can socially convene in a friendly and supportive atmosphere to grow together as well-rounded young men and women. Through internal and outreach programs, community service and social events, ASA strives to provide support for African students on campus and beyond.
Our long term goal is to provide excellent opportunities and experiences that enhance the holistic development of students' educational and leadership skills as well as global networking.
ASA’s Short History
The African Student Association (ASA) officially started in spring 2009. Aliou Traore, the current ASA president, was interested in starting a club that would focus on increasing the awareness of diversity and multi-cultural aspects of Africa and the African people. He realized that there were many African students here at Madison College, but for some reason, they hardly found a forum to interact with one another. Thanks to his efforts and the support of others who shared the same belief and vision, this novel idea culminated into the start of the African Student Association (ASA) at Madison College. Despite ASA's short existence, it has been a blast; from hosting its First Annual Potluck to volunteering on and off campus. Above all else, the association has become a social meeting place, a learning tool, and a place where people from various fields of influence, affluence and study can meet, discuss and exchange ideas in the spirit of unity and humanity to celebrate diversity.
ASA Executive Leaders:
President: Aliou Traore
Vice President: Rachel
Treasurer: Wafaa Nazouti
Event Coordinator: Ernast Tetteh
ASA Club Advisor: Milcah A. Ochieng, Ph.D.
ASA Spring 2010 Meeting Schedule:
ASA Club members will meet bi-weekly on Fridays 12:30 - 1:30 PM in Room 142A.