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Developed or Adapted by the Staff at MATC's Biotechnology Project with Partial Support From the National Science Foundation (DUE grant #s 9454555, 9752027, and 0101093)
Simple Classroom and Laboratory Activities

Laboratory Activities

Simple, inexpensive biotechnology activities that explore significant societal issues. Activities were developed for high school, but may be suitable at other levels. Lectures, introductory materials, student and teacher guides are all provided. 

Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology

Basic Laboratory Methods

Resources intended for use in college programs that prepare students for entry level work in the biotechnology industry, particularly in laboratories and small-scale production facilities. Industry trainers and technical high school teachers might also find this material of use. This material supports the textbook Basic Laboratory Methods in Biotechnology

Protein: Purification and Computer Modeling


Laboratory manual and supplemental resources that were developed for a college laboratory course in protein purification. The enzyme, Beta-galactosidase, is purified in two steps, with analysis and verification of results.  Lectures, exams, and study aids are provided.

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