Program Expectations

For each program in the Business Technology department, there are expectations that must be met for students to complete the program.

  1. Prerequisites for programs/courses
  2. Follow Curriculum: watch for courses only offered one semester
  3. Graduation Requirements
  4. Internships
  5. Portfolio

Click on the links below to review your program's curriculum sheet. On the curriculum sheet, note the prerequisites for the program. Prerequisites are rules that must be met in order to register. When you register for individual classes, you will see the prerequisites for individual courses as well.

Next, notice how courses are listed. This is the order in which they should be taken and you should follow this curriculum. Some classes are only offered in the semester they are listed.

Also listed on the curriculum sheet are any graduation requirements. For example, all BT programs require that students earn a grade of "C" or higher to be eligible for graduation.

The Administrative Professional program and the Medical Administrative Specialist program require that students complete an internship when the student is near graduation. Each student finds his/her own internship placement and an office environment (medical or business office) where the student works 72 hours during the semester. You will learn more about the internship during your program.

Almost all of the BT programs require that students create a portfolio of their work during the last semester. To help build your portfolio, you should retain important projects, assignments and reports as you create them during your courses. Keep copies of this work so that you can add them to your portfolio at the end of your program.


To view the curriculum sheet for your program click the link below:

Administrative Professional Curriculum Sheet
Judicial Reporting Curriculum Sheet
Medical Administrative Specialist Curriculum Sheet
Medical Transcriptionist Curriculum Sheet
Business Software Application Specialist Curriculum Sheet