Internships for Accounting/Finance/Management

The Madison College Accounting/Finance/Management Faculty believes that a structured internship benefits business students by providing them with a professional work environment experience during the time they are completing their Associate Degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Management.

Employers of our graduates are interested in establishing ongoing internships with the college in order to evaluate potential employees in a work environment while also providing an onsite learning opportunity for the student.

Course Description

Opportunity for students to apply business skills in real life business environment. Activities may include working with bank and account reconciliations, accounts receivable processing, accounts payable preparation, financial planning activities, income tax preparation, compiling payroll information, spreadsheet work and development, preparing and analyzing financial reports, and other related duties as requested by the employer.

Course Number

101-140 - formal course is offered in the spring semester/internship hours can be completed year round.


2-3 credits
Intern job site hours: 72 hours per credit (must be able to work 20-24 hours a week in increments of at least 4 hours.
Classroom hours: 6-12 (2 internship discussion groups hours - discussion group sessions are scheduled throughout the semester)

Internship Assignment

Application deadline (application form and resume) semester prior to course enrollment, accounting instructor recommendations(s), interview with employer, receive internship offer.

Students currently working in the accounting profession may arrange to complete the internship with the current employer. All internship course requirements must be met by student and employer.


Paid internship - hourly rate based on agreement between employer and student.

Internship Rotations



For more information

For more information, contact the Madison College Accounting/Finance/Management Department:

Mark Finger, Room 362, (608) 246-6671

Tom Ryan, Room 362, (608) 246-6628


Note: Business division will attempt to find qualified internship candidates for all applications submitted; but may from time-to-time be unable to fill all position requests.