Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the program?

  • You only start the Construction/Remodeling program in the fall semester.

  • A waitlist can form for this program, so the year you start depends on when you applied and the status of the waitlist. (see below)

When can I apply, and how can I apply?

  • The Construction/Remodeling program accepts students for starting in the semester only.  You can apply as early as September 1 for the next year’s fall admittance.

  • Click here to apply

What are the admissions requirements?

  • The only admissions requirement is that you have a high school diploma, HSED, or GED.

Does this program have a waitlist?

  • A waitlist typically forms for this program in the summer.  Applying early is recommended.

  • Last year, we were able to offer a spot to everyone that had been placed on the waitlist, because accepted students before them decided not to attend.

What is the cost of tuition?

How long is the program and what kind of diploma/degree will I receive?

  • You will receive a technical diploma upon completion of your coursework.

  • The program is designed for students to attend full-time for two semesters (fall and spring).

What is a typical schedule?

  • Classes are offered during the day.  At this point, there are no evening offerings for this program.

  • Classes are held at both the Commercial Avenue and Truax campuses in Madison.

Can I start working towards graduation requirements before I am accepted into the program?

Can I just take one or two of the Construction/Remodeling classes without applying to the program?

  • Because we do have a waitlist for this program, the courses are typically full of program students.  However, if you have instructor consent and there is room in a classroom based course you may be able to take a class without being in the program.