Employer Information

Transmission & Scanning Electron Microscopy Skills
  • Alignment and maintenance
  • Electron optics and beam-specimen interactions
  • STEM (and SEM) functions
  • Bright and dark field imaging
  • SE and BSE imaging
  • EBIC and voltage contrast
  • Photographic techniques
  • Single crystal and reciprocal lattice concepts
 Integrated & Formal X-Ray Microanalysis Training
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • X-Ray mapping
  • Line scan and spot mode
  • Sample preparation for X-Ray analysis
  • ZAF
  • Standard and standard-less quantification
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance

Additional Analysis & Interpretation Skills

  • Metallurgy
  • Animal and bacterial cell structure
  • IC morphology
  • Tissue organization
  • Geology
  • Bacterial and viral morphology
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics
  • Negative stain imaging
 Sample Preparation Techniques
  • Fixation, embedment and negative staining
  • Cryogenic and routine ultramicrotome (using MT-7000, MT2B, and Ultracut E)
  • Critical point drying
  • Cryogenic fixation, fracture and drying for SEM
  • Ion milling, jet thinning and tripod polishing
  • Extraction replicas
  • Bulk material processing for TEM imaging and diffraction
  • Ultramicrotomes of polymers and metals
 Hands-On Instrumentation Used By Students
  • JEOL 1200-EX TEM-STEM W/X-Ray
  • Hitachi 800 TEM-STEM W/X-Ray and CCD Output
  • ZEISS 902 TEM
  • JEOL 845 SEM
  • Two ISI SX 40's SEM’s W/X-Ray and IMAGE ANALYSIS
  • Noran ADEM SEM W/X-Ray
  • Burleigh Atomic Force Microscope
  • Gatan Ion Mill
  • FEI FIB 610 Focused Ion Beam Workstation
  • Full assortment of tripod polishers, ultramicrotomes, vacuum evaporators, sputter coaters, LM’s, photographic equipment and various types of sample preparation equipment.

We have been able to continually expand and improve our student's education through National Science Foundation grants and funding or equipment donations from: 

  • NORAN Instruments
  • DOW Chemical Co
  • General Motors
  • Kraft General Foods
  • General Electric Co
  • Earth Technology Corp
  • Hitachi Corp