IT-Web Analyst/Programmer

Program Number: 10-152-4

  • Two-year Associate Degree program
  • Information Technology Program Cluster
  • Center for Agriscience and Technologies
  • Program offered at the following campuses:
    • Truax, Madison
  • For information call: (608) 246-6800 or (800) 322-6282 Ext. 6800

About the Program


The Web Analyst/Programmer program meets the specific skills and knowledge requirements of technical and professional jobs within the IT field for an entry-level web analyst/programmer. It is designed to meet entry-level educational needs of most segments of the IT field which utilize a variety of computers. Training blends general educational development and required IT technical skills. Graduates are prepared for entry-level web developer jobs in government, insurance, manufacturing, service, software development, wholesale and retail sales, utilities, banking and accounting.


Students learn required core IT technical skills in areas such as SQL, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, data warehousing/mining and object-oriented systems design. Students will be able to choose a programming language emphasis alternative in JAVA or VB.NET.

Program outcomes state what a graduate needs to be able to do with the essential knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors acquired in a specific Madison College program. The program outcomes communicate expectations to students, as well as other academic institutions and potential employers. The identification and assessment of program outcomes support Madison College's efforts in documenting student learning and provide a context for the faculty's academic planning.


Admissions Requirements for All Applications Submitted for the Current Academic Year

You must meet Admissions Requirements (see below). To apply for the program, follow the admission procedures, including submitting the completed application, application/processing fees, and transcripts.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent (HSED or GED)
    • HSED/GED scores must have a total of 230 (2300) with each area at least a score of 40 (400)
  • GPA of 2.0
    • Minimum of 1.50 GPA on a probationary status
    • College GPA is also considered
    • If high school GPA is lower than 2.00, but college (minimum of 12 credits) is higher, student is eligible for admittance
    • If person has been denied, for either the high school or college GPA being lower than 1.50, establishing a "new" GPA with 12 credits of 2.00 or higher will allow admittance in a subsequent semester
  • Recommended minimum working computer knowledge of Windows

Test Scores

Test scores are not required for admission into this program.

Definitions and Guidelines

We only transfer in equivalent college work if the grade is a C or better. (We do not transfer in C- graded course work).

Advanced Standing cannot exceed 50% of the required credits for the program.


The Web Analyst/Programmer will write programs creating a logical series of instructions the computer can follow, applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic; code instructions into programming languages and test and debug programs to get intended results; analyze, review, and rewrite programs, using workflow charts and diagrams; convert detailed logical flow charts to language that computers can process; revise or direct revision of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements; integrate mainframe and ecommerce applications; consult with managerial and engineering and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest changes.


  • Web Developer
  • Applications Programmer/Analyst
  • Internet Developer
  • Applications Developer
  • Web Programmer/Analyst
  • IS Engineer
    With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find employment as:
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • IS Department Manager
  • Business Analyst


  • American Family Insurance
  • Brown Shoe - Famous Footwear
  • Great Lakes Higher Education Corp
  • Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Progressive Impressions International
  • State of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Careers