Journalism at Madison College

Madison College has a growing journalism program that contains two tracks:

-- News Reporter/Writer: preparing students for careers as a news reporter, feature writer, copy editor, and public relations writer.

-- Visual Journalist: preparing students for a career in video journalism, photojournalism, and documentaries.

Journalism Certificate 

The Journalism Certificate can be part of a student's course work for the two-year associate degree in Liberal Arts.  In other words, students could leave Madison College with a Liberal Arts Degree and Journalism Certificate.

Also, students can earn the Journalism Certificate in conjunction with a two-year associate degree in programs such as visual communication or photography.

Returning students  

Many other journalism students, however, attend Madison College only to take the Journalism Certificate courses. These are usually "returning students" who already have a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in other fields and apply to the Journalism Certificate program to acquire specific skills, such as news reporting and writing, that will help them secure employment in journalism or public relations.

Students can apply to the Journalism Certificate program and begin to take journalism courses the semester right after they are accepted into the certificate program.

"Trying out" journalism

Many other students who take Madison College courses have no intention of working in the media. These students simply want  a "taste" of journalism by taking one or two courses. They might take Intro to Mass Communication, for instance, to better understand the role of media in our society, or they might enroll in Feature Writing to learn how to develop magazine stories for publication. Others, who are interested in video journalism, might take Documentary Storytelling to determine if their dream of making a living as a documentary producer is a worthwhile goal.