Madison College Student Senate

Learn about initiatives to help students & how you can be involved!


Your 2014-2015 Student Senate

President Isaac Brown

Vice President of Administration and Finance Dillon Lau

Vice President of State and Local Government David Fernandez

Vice President of Team Development Melissa Zuengler

Vice President of Public Relations Sarad Aryal


Maddy Tempas, Tannen Todd (WSG Lt. Gov.), Bishop Hughes, Alison Malek, Amanda Love, Michael Wong (Watertown Campus), Raquel Manning (Portage Campus), Rachel Rops (Reedsburg Campus) & AJ Cifuentes (2nd term).  (There are currently 6 open Senate seats.)

The mission of the Student Senate is to work collaboratively with students & college administrators to create positive changes in the Madison College community. 

Questions or concerns, please contact us at or stop-by the Senate Office in Room C1438 Truax or give us a call at (608) 246-6107.


State of the Student Body Address - Madison College

Recorded on Tuesday, October 22, 2013         2013-14 Senate President Colin Bowden