Meeting Minutes

Welcome Back

Introductions of officers and members


Officers Present

Kenneth Xiong- President of Vets for Vets

Cory Mc Cown- Treasurer Vets for Vets

Introduction of Keith Nevitt-Field Representative of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin 2nd District

Here to hear Veteran’s voices, concerns, Ideas of the club and pass them on directly.

Goals of the club- Functions as a Social club, Veteran Students Success, outside resources that can help Veterans through school.


New For Vets for Vets


Website is officially up. Minutes will be posted up for those who cannot make the meetings.

Ideas and activities on up and coming semester. (Not Finalized or voted yet.)

Volunteer services are hosting once a month visit to VA Hospital. They are asking if Vets for Vets would like to get involve with the activity.

Information day or table with Veterans walk-in. Once or twice a month.

More Clarification of the GI BILL and Post 911.

Having an open blog for the website to voice concerns if attendance of meeting not possible.

Outside School Resources posted on the Web.

Volunteer Mentorship program with Veterans Students that work directly with other Veterans

Possible Club Trip