Policies and FAQs

What is Continuing Education? 
Continuing Education is committed to promoting and providing a variety of non-credit courses for professional development and enrichment throughout the Madison College district. Madison College is able to offer these courses with the cooperation of school districts and community organizations throughout the district.
How do I get your catalogs?
We are currently mailing our noncredit brochure to the Madison area three times a year, and the current catalog is always available online.  However, our email subscribers and social media contacts receive our electronic catalogs as soon as they are available (and have the first opportunity to enroll in popular classes) Sign up now!
How do I enroll?
No application is necessary, but students should create an account to be issued a student ID, and then can sign up by any of the standard methods.
Can underage students enroll?
In many cases, yes! Students aged 16 and 17 can register for most courses with no special permission if the subject matter is age-appropriate and the course is not during school hours. Students aged 14 and 15 will need to complete an Under-16 permission form; permission is most often granted when these students enroll together with a parent or guardian.
Are courses graded?
Aid code 60 courses are ungraded but will appear on a student's nondegree transcript. Aid code 47 courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
How are course prices determined?
Courses are priced using a cost-recovery model and are based on the type of course, expenses for offering the course, and the hours that it meets. The WTCS Board of Directors establishes standard tuition fee rates for vocational courses other than Aid Code 60. Aid Code 60 (Adult Avocational) courses have a base tuition rate is established locally by the Board of Directors at each of the individual technical colleges.For assistance with registration or more information on tuition, please visit the Registration Resources or Tuition and Fees web page.
Are discounts available?
Students aged 60 and over receive a discount of 20% off the tuition portion of the total fee for aid code 60 courses.  Students aged 62 and over receive a tuition discount off the fee of aid code 47 courses which varies with each course.  Please contact our office for the specific discount of any particular class.  These discounts are automatically calculated after registration and reflected on billing statements.
What is your refund policy?
Students are responsible for all tuition and fees unless they drop the class prior to the class start date, in which case fees may be reduced or refunded in accordance with the college's refund policy. If you do not officially drop
a class, you will be billed for it even if you do not attend.
What is your cancellation policy?
We must meet minimal enrollment requirements to run a class. If there are insufficient enrollments in a class, it will be cancelled ten days prior to the start date. In case of a class cancellation, Continuing Education will attempt to reach students using the contact information on file with the school. Please make sure your address and phone number are current. Register early to prevent class cancellations!
What are waitlists?
If a class is full, please join the waitlist; if enough students are waiting, Continuing Education may open additional sections. When a class is full, the next student who tries to enroll is offered the opportunity to join a “wait list.” The system will (up until 2 days before the class) automatically attempt to enroll the first person on the waitlist when a space opens up, and if successful (e.g. it doesn’t conflict with another course) the person will be enrolled and will be sent both an email to their student account and a letter to their postal address on file to let them know they are enrolled and how to drop if desired. Students may only be on one waitlist per course catalog number. Students should use caution in joining a waitlist for a class in which they may not want to become enrolled and should be sure to have their correct mailing address in our system.
How do I know what supplies are needed for my course?
Supply lists will either be mailed to students’ homes after registration or will be discussed at the first class. For many courses, additional supply information is available under myMadisonCollege or in the online schedule (click the small plus sign in front of the individual course listings). If you have general questions about any of the classes listed, please call the Continuing Education office at (608) 258-2301. For textbook information, please contact the Downtown Education Center bookstore, 211 N Carroll, Madison at 608-258-2417.
What is a state aid code?
The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) has developed a system or taxonomy that identifies each of the specific types of instructional programming the 16 state technical college districts are authorized to deliver under WI Statute Chapter 38. The list of codes and the explanation for each are below. For addition information on Chapter 38, please follow:
Can I suggest a new course?
We welcome course suggestions from the public.  Students are invited to suggest course ideas via evaluation forms at the end of our courses or contact us.  Potential instructors are also welcome to apply with course ideas.

Are you hiring instructors?
There are no full-time teaching positions within Continuing Education, but we frequently hire part-time instructors as openings become available. Pay varies with the type of class. To teach a vocational course, minimal requirements include 4000 hours of occupational (work) experience in that particular field, 2000 hours of teaching experience, as well as a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree with 7000 hours of additional related work experience, or 14000 additional hours with a high school diploma.  To teach an avocational course, we require expertise and occupational experience in the field of interest with formal academic credentials and teaching experience preferred. To apply for one of these positions, please create an application on the college's jobs site and attach it to the  "PT Instructor Pool - Adult and Continuing Education (ACE).  Please include a cover letter with your specific teaching interests. 

Are any of your courses available as customized training?

Many of the courses in our catalog are available to your business as contract training.