Portage Campus Bookstore

Bookstore hours

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday
  • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Friday

Book Loan:

The book loan program has been discontinued and replaced by the Financial Aid book charge process. Book loan applications will no longer be available or processed.

Text Book Information:

The Portage Campus no longer has off the shelf book sales.  You will need to purchase your books from the Truax Bookstore if this is your preferred method for purchasing your books. Avoid the lines and trip to Madison by ordering your books online. To order your books visit the textbook tab and then order textbooks. Here you can find your books by Title, ISBN, class number, author or by Department and course. Add all of your classes to the course list and then click get course materials. The course list will generate and you will be able to view what books are required for your class. Here is where you add the books you want to purchase to your cart.


If your book is available to rent then you will have an option to rent new or used (based on availability). All rentals require a guaranteed rental tender (credit card) you do not need to pay with this credit card. The guaranteed tender will be charged if the rental book is not returned at the end of the semester.

To find your books use your study list (in list view):

  1. Look for your catalog number (starts with 10 or 20 and is 8 digits long) 20801201
  2. Remove the first 2 digits (20)
  3. Next 3 digits (801) indicates your department 801 is English)
  4. Last 3 digits (201) indicates your course (201 is English 1)
  5. Locate your 5 digit class number (this is the section number)
  6. Plug this information into the order textbooks by department, course and section

Checkout and Shipping:

At checkout sign in with your Madison College user name and password if you do not have one then please create an account.

There are two options available for shipping (pick up or ship).

In-store pick up (pay online or pay in store at any Madison College location).

Pay online and avoid standing in the lines. When ordering online you do not have to hunt for your books instead they are picked and pre-packaged for you. There is a special line at the front of the store for in-store paid pick up. If you are ordering online but paying in store please see a customer service representative at the front counter to pay for your books. The orders for in-store pick up must be picked up within 2 weeks of ordering.

Shipping (Fed Ex ground or international)

Shipping rates are determined based on the number of packages order.

Minimum $3.50 - .50 cents per each additional item up to $8.00

Spend $500.00 or more and receive free shipping