Prepping for Your Service Trip

Tips for Prepping for Your Service Trip:

  1. Attend a Service Trip Info / Preview Session.  (Drop-In ~ Meet Others ~ Ask Questions)
  2. Practice your interviewing skills with a friend, classmate, family-member, faculty-member, co-worker or employer.
  3. Get finances together to cover trip costs ($100 deposit at time of application + $400 payment-in-full, if selected for a Service Team + possible baggage fees, possible ground-transportation, some meals not covered by the trip fee, entertainment, individual purchases, etc.)
  4. Learn about the community in which you will be doing service.  Is it urban or rural?  Who are the people who live in the area?  What are their needs?
  5. Learn about the lodging location.  Is it a hostel, a camp, a hotel, a bunk-house?  What services & opportunities are part of that location?
  6. Learn about the service work you will be performing on your upcoming service trip.  Do you have the skills & / or strength required to perform the service work well?  Take initiative to learn skills & be physically prepared for the service work you will be performing.  Arrange to do similar service work locally to practice your skills.
  7. Prepare to pack light & pack ONLY the essentials!  See recommended packing list for your specific service trip.