Code of Conduct Violations

Student Code of Conduct violations refer to a student’s failure to meet his/her responsibilities described under Student Responsibilities. All violations are considered alleged until resolved via an informal manner or formal adjudication by the Conduct Review Board.

The procedures regarding alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct are as follows:

Step 1 ImageAn incident occurs. At any point in time, and depending on the severity of the alleged misconduct, it may be determined that a student be temporarily suspended pending Conduct Review Board hearing to adjudicate.

Step 2 ImageThe incident is reported in a timely fashion to Conflict Management Services or the regional campus administrator’s office. Any member of the college community may submit a Conflict Management Services behavior intervention form detailing alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct by a Madison College student.

Step 3 ImageThe Behavior Intervention Team, which is a part of the Conflict Management Services unit, will work with the reporting person(s) to understand the nature of the incident and to determine the merits of informal vs. formal conflict management processes.

Step 4 ImageIf it is determined that the matter is best resolved in an informal manner, appropriate staff will assist the involved persons in whatever ways are helpful, including mediation. Informal resolution may involve Conflict Management Services.  

Step 5 ImageThe date of the Conduct Review Board hearing will be scheduled within 10 working days of the time the reported violation is referred to the Vice President for Student Development or designee. Students will be given a minimum of 10 working days to prepare for the hearing; however, a student may waive that right in writing to the Vice President for Student Development or designee if s/he prefers that the hearing be held at an earlier time. Students also may request that the hearing be rescheduled due to extenuating circumstances by contacting the Vice President for Student Development or designee. Prior to the Conduct Review Board hearing, Conflict Management Services staff may meet with any party to ensure an understanding of the hearing process.

Step 6 ImageThe decision of the Conduct Review Board regarding responsibility and any consequent sanctions will be communicated to the parties involved and the Conflict Management Services Office by the board chair within 5 working days following the hearing. This time may be extended for justifiable reasons.

Step 7 ImageStudents may request, in writing, within 30 calendar days following being notified of the Conduct Review Board’s findings, a second review of the case for the following reasons: new information, procedural error or irregularity, or the sanction imposed is not commensurate with the findings. The request is submitted in writing to the Vice President for Student Development who will determine if the request has merit. If so, the Conduct Review Board will reconvene to review the request. A determination will be made within 15 working days of its reconsideration. Decisions made by the Conduct Review Board are final.

Issuance of Outcomes, Consequences, or Sanctions

The Conduct Review Board has the authority to issue an outcome or consequence, including but not limited to:

  • Written reprimand
  • Loss of privileges/access
  • College community service
  • Removal of student from course ("W" grade shown on transcript)
  • Restitution
  • Educational Activity
  • No contact directive
  • “Hold” placed on academic transcript
  • “Hold” placed on registration for classes
  • Disciplinary Probation
  • Disciplinary Suspension
  • Expulsion

Disciplinary Probation, Dismissal, Suspension

Madison College has several policies under which a student may be placed on disciplinary probation or suspension or expelled from the college:

  1. Disciplinary Probation, Suspension or Expulsion: Students failing to comply with the Student Responsibilities—Student Code of Conduct may be placed on disciplinary probation or suspension or be expelled. Probation, suspension or expulsion are reserved for cases of severe and/or chronic misconduct.

  2. Interim suspension is the immediate and temporary removal of a student from part or all of any campus, college program or activity following behaviors or threats which constitute a potential or an immediate danger to the health, safety or well-being of the student and/or any other campus community members, destruction of property, or the substantial disruption of classroom or campus activities. At the time of an interim suspension directive, the student receives verbal and/or written notice of pending charges against him/her.