Recording in the Classroom Policy

Policy Statement:

Madison College recognizes the responsibility of the individual instructor to determine policy concerning recording of lectures and discussions in his or her classroom. However, prohibitions of recording devices in classrooms may not be imposed upon qualified students with disabilities who must use recorders due to the nature of their disability to effectively participate in class, provided such students have signed agreements that they will not release the recordings or transcriptions to others.

Notwithstanding the above, a teacher may, on certain occasions, for reasons concerning pedagogical practice or practice of academic freedom, interdict the taking of notes. At such times he/she may also forbid the use of recording devices.

 Reason for  OR intent of policy:

Some students with certain types of disabilities need to be able to record classes as a reasonable accommodation. For many classes, there are no issues and faculty allow anyone who asks to record the class to do so. However there are some situations where faculty may be discussing proprietary information or the class will be discussing confidential information in which the instructor has serious concerns allowing a student to record the class, even if it is a legally mandated reasonable accommodation. This policy sets forth the circumstances that mandate recording in class as well as a method in which confidentiality will be maintained. Students will be required to sign an agreement that they will not share the recording with anyone and will return it to the instructor for them to erase/destroy.

Agreement Form (PDF, 1MB)