The act of registering for classes creates an obligation to pay regardless of attendance. Madison College does not drop classes or refund tuition for non-attendance.

Refunds at Madison College are processed according to the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Refund Policy for program, material, activity and non-resident tuition fees. 

  • Students must drop a class at least one day prior to the class start date to receive a 100 percent refund. Nonattendance does not constitute a cancellation of registration, and students will be responsible for tuition and fees not paid. Refund Estimation Calculator.
  • Students who are reported as "no shows," who do not attend the first class meeting, or who do not log into an online class by the first day of class without officially dropping will not receive a refund and will be responsible for payment of the applicable tuition and fees.
  • Students are not eligible to receive financial aid for a class they do not attend, nor are they eligible to drop the class, as a final grade of "W" will be entered. 
  • The Madison Area Technical College District may establish a charge of not more than $3 per class to be deducted from any refund to defray processing costs.
  • Stop payment of a check does not constitute a formal drop/withdrawal from classes. For stop payments, there will be a returned check fee of $20 and the student will be held liable for the fee.
  • Prior to dropping classes, students are encouraged to work with their instructors to see if class work can be made up. If unable, please refer to the information concerning Extenuating Circumstances.
  • If the district cancels a class, the refund is 100 percent of all (program, supplemental materials, and nonresident tuition) fees paid.
  • If the district discontinues or cancels a class during the 80-percent refund period, the refund is 100 percent of all (program, supplemental materials and nonresident tuition) fees paid. After this period or after consumable materials have been issued to students, the refund is a proportionate amount of the above fees paid. 

For more information regarding requested drop dates and refund/reduction percentages, visit Class Refund Schedule.

For information on how to drop or swap Madison College classes, visit Add/Drop Classes.

Important Notes:

  • Drop requests are not accepted through instructors
  • Dropping classes may affect receipt and/or require repayment of Financial Aid and/or Veterans Benefits
  • The Madison College admission application fee is non-refundable