Regional Student Engagement Committees

Regional Engagement Project

Mission statement: The purpose of the Regional Engagement Project is to increase retention of students by increasing the level of connection the students have with the College and/or their campus. This is accomplished by engaging students in physical, social, and educational activities. Our goals are accomplished through student led committees in collaboration with the Regional Lead on each campus and the East and North Regional administrators.

History: During the Fall of 2011, the Vice-President of Service for Phi Theta Kappa sponsored a “Commit to Complete” event at each campus. The event challenged students to commit to complete their credentials and they signed a pledge to indicate their agreement. During a mid-semester check-in, a number of themes appeared in the comments section of the survey. One of the themes were comments and requests to sponsor events and activities at the regionals. The majority of the comments, came from the Watertown campus.

During the Spring of 2012, a request for funding to pilot an activities program at the Watertown campus without charging any supplemental fee. This request was approved. During the Fall and Spring semester of 2012-13, a small group of students attending classes at Watertown successfully piloted the program. During the 2013-2014 academic year, the project was expanded to the Fort Atkinson campus and as a pilot project at the Reedsburg campus.

Proposal: Based on the positive feedback received from these pilot programs, the Student Activities Board and Student Senate have proposed that these engagement programs become fully supported through a small small student fee. A referendum being held at the regional campuses proposes that beginning in September 2014, degree-credit students at Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown Campuses will be asked to pay a 2% per credit Student Activities Fee, which calculates to be $3.25 per credit. (Non-degree and non-credit students will not be assessed the fee and will not be eligible for programs and services supported by the Student Activities Fee.)

See the Sample Ballot for the Regional Student Activities Fee Referendum.

The Student Activities Fee will support: (1) entertainment, family-fun, holiday/special day events and social opportunities; (2) leadership and professional development opportunities; (3) academic and career success opportunities; (4) community engagement and service opportunities; (5) health improvement opportunities.

Funds paid by Regional Campus students, as a result of this referendum, will be used for activities and events at Regional Campuses, only. Funds will not be utilized at Madison-based campuses.

Funding will support Engagement Committees, which are led by Student Ambassadors and a Phi Theta Kappa student representative at each of the four campuses. The Engagement Committees are supported by Student Life and volunteer staff persons at each of the Regional Campuses.

Regional Campus students will be eligible to vote in Student Senate Elections and Referendums and will be eligible to serve as elected Student Senate representatives.

Additional information:

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