Renewable Energy Department

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Department at Madison College offers a variety of renewable energy courses and certificates for students seeking to pursue a career in renewable energy.  The department also serves those who are currently employed in traditional fields and wish to acquire additional renewable energy knowledge and skills to enhance their professional credentials.

As stated in the college’s academic plan, Madison College aims to serve students interested in Photovoltaics, Renewable Energy and Wind Energy Technology by offering certificates in these areas along with inter-disciplinary course offerings in related technical programs.  Accordingly, the Renewable Energy Department includes a diverse group of faculty members who have appointments and certifications in a number of instructional areas (e.g. electrical and mechanical technology, engineering, agriculture, basic and applied sciences, etc.) all of whom share a common interest in Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy courses at Madison College offer students an opportunity to explore renewable energy through a combination of classroom, laboratory, and field locations that provide a robust examination of various renewable energy technologies applied to real world situations.  Several of these courses also transfer to other University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Technical College System schools.