Report a Class Setup Error

This form is primarily for advising-related staff or faculty assisting students with the process of granting student-specific class permissions. Sometimes during this process, even though the student's record contains documentation of the necessary requisites, an error in the the setup of the class may prevent the student from enrolling. In such a case, the advising staff or faculty should go ahead and process a student-specific class permission authorization using the appropriate override code then submit this form.

Staff or faculty who encounter a potential class setup error blocking a student's enrollment due to requisites should use this form to report it to the appropriate school office for resolution.

Example 20804231 – subject area is third, fourth, and fifth digits = 804. Example 804 20804231 – subject area is first three digits = 804 (also note this is same as 6-8 = 804). Routing to the appropriate school office is based on this value so it needs to be correct.