Request a Tutor

Seek assistance from your instructor prior to requesting a tutor.

The following qualifications must be met to receive tutoring:

  • the student is seeking assistance with a Madison College credit-level class
  • the class is currently active (no incompletes from a previous semester, no tutoring prior to the start date of the class)
  • the student is attending and participating in the class
  • there are no other resources available (SI tutoring, walk-in centers)

Tutoring is limited to 2 hours per week.

Submitting a request does not guarantee you will receive a tutor. 

PLEASE NOTE: New one-to-one tutoring is not available during the last 5 weeks of each semester (after Nov 7).  For tutoring options, please call or visit our Student Achievement Centers to locate appropriate support for your need. 

i.e., English 1 20-801-201, College Algebra 20-804-212
If you haven't sought help from your instructor outside of class (during office hours, before/after class, via email/Skype/phone), you should do so prior to requesting 1-1 tutoring.
NOTE: If you miss 2 scheduled tutoring appointments, access to one-on-one tutoring will be suspended for the remainder of the term.