Residency Determination

Residency is self-declared at time of application or account creation. Residency will remain in effect unless review of residency is requested; see Residency Redetermination below.

When asked to provide residency information, either while creating an account or submitting an admissions application, reference the following for guidance:

  1. Residency information provided on your state tax form. If under 25 and claimed as a dependant by either parent, refer to residency information provided on your parents' state tax forms
  2. Voting residency
  3. Residency on motor vehicle registration
  4. Issuing state and address on driver's license
  5. Location of employment

District Residency

District residents are eligible for admission priorities and are defined as permanent residents of the Madison Area Technical College District. District residency is determined by the same factors that determine Wisconsin residency only the applicant/student declares a permanent address within the district. Wisconsin residency and district residency can be established at the same time.

View the district breakdown by county (PDF, 35 KB)

A person who enters the district and remains in the district principally to obtain an education is not considered a district resident.

For more details on residency requirements refer to the Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS 10.03 -.08 (PDF, 21 KB) or contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210 or (800) 322-6282 extension 6210.

Residency Re-determination

Residency will remain in effect unless a request for residency re-determination is submitted and granted.

To request a review for a change in residency status, please complete the Residency Re-determination Form (PDF, 884 KB) and submit along with required supporting documentation. At the mininum, you will be required to submit tax forms to document residency. The student must provide his/her state tax return. If under age 25 and claimed as a dependent by a parent for tax purposes, the parent(s) federal tax return must also be submitted.*

Please allow up to 15 business days for processing. You may not request a residency redetermination for a previous term.

*Income and financial information may be whited out on the parent's federal tax return; students must provide complete tax return as documentation, including income information.

Minnesota Reciprocity Agreement

Madison College is included in a reciprocity agreement with Minnesota, which means Minnesota residents are eligible to pay in-state fees and tuition for credit classes at Madison College. (See the Wisconsin Administrative Code for additional information regarding reciprocity.)

If you are a Minnesota resident and are interested in applying for an academic program at Madison College, please use our online application.

If you have questions, you may contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210 or visit askMadisonCollege, our database of frequently asked questions for prospective and current students.