SDS Operations Project Request

Please complete this form to refer issues, problems, projects or other requests to the Student Development & Success Operations office. Provide as much information as possible including URLs and/or attachments.

Please indicate the option that best describes your request or issue. A single choice allowed.

COMMUNICATION/CAMPAIGN - Communication drafting, designing, editing, updating or reviewing; Campaign development/setup, documenting, planning, executing, measuring/assessing; web administration.

MALFUNCTION - troubleshooting software issues or errors, determining best solution and documenting resolutions; Duplicate contact records in the CRM; Issues with Active Data, Advocate, Brainshark, RightNow or Qnomy. For all other system issues, contact the Helpdesk at X6666 or helpdesk@madisoncollege.edu.

PROJECT REQUEST - A project is a one-time, multi-task job that has clearly defined starting and ending dates, a specific scope of work to be performed, a budget and a specified end product or outcome.

REPORT- design/development, update, scheduling delivery, interpretation/analysis. Please specify target system for report deployment or data origin.

SUPPORT SERVICES - This includes general information, purchasing, budget monitoring/review, equipment inventory, event planning or Telecom system support.

TRAINING/DOCUMENTATION - Training on a system or process either in-person, online or self-guided. This could also include development of a training video or document.

USER SECURITY/ACCESS - Access to systems for new users, user access change or network access, configuration and architecture.