Section Change & Class Swap

Section Change

A section change is meant to allow students to exchange one class for an equivalent class within the same course offering. By completing a Section Change, the class title does not change, but the meeting time does. Students can complete a Section Change online using Swap via their myMadisonCollege Student Center.

A Section Change is possible for an equal change in class only.

To qualify, both classes must:

  • Be degree credit classes; AND
  • Have both started (cannot section change into a class that has not yet started) AND
  • Have started at the same point in the term (start dates must be within 7 days of one another)

If two sections of the course started at the same point in the term, but are differing lengths (e.g., 8-week and 16-week), students will need to obtain instructor permission to complete the section change.

If the last date to enroll has passed, students must obtain permission from both instructors by completing the Section Change Approval Form (PDF, 795 KB) to register for a different class section.

Class Swap

If students desire to drop a class that has already started and register for another, they should attempt to swap classes (i.e., dropping and adding classes at the same time) to avoid paying a portion of the tuition for the class being dropped. Prior to swapping classes, please review Class Swap Requirements.

There is no penalty if a class is dropped prior to the class start date. See Class Swap instructions on the Tutorials web page. Students may not swap classes via self-service after the last date to enroll has passed. Enrollment Center staff can assist with class swaps until 4:00 pm the Friday prior to the Date of Record. After that time, students may decide to drop and add classes on their own, and applicable fees would apply. Please view all refund/reduction policy information by visiting the Refunds web page.

*Restrictions may apply to any class. Restrictions are designated by the appropriate school office (formerly center office) responsible for the class.

For detailed registration information on adding or dropping a class, see Add/Drop Classes.

For assistance with add, drop, section change and/or swap of classes, contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.