Section Change & Class Swap

Section Change

A section change is meant to allow students to exchange one class for an equivalent class within the same course offering. By completing a Section Change, the class title does not change, but the meeting time does. Students can complete a Section Change online using Swap via their myMadisonCollege Student Center.

A Section Change is possible for an equal change in class only.

If the last date to enroll has passed, students must obtain permission from both instructors by completing the Section Change Approval Form (PDF, 794 KB) to register for a different class section.

Class Swap Requirements

If students desire to drop a class that has already started and register for another, they should attempt to swap classes (i.e., dropping and adding classes at the same time) to avoid paying a portion of the tuition for the class being dropped.

Students should ensure class swap requirements are met prior to attempting to swap classes:

  • Swap is valid for both degree/credit and non-degree/non-credit courses.
  • Swap can only be done the first seven days of the term.
  • Financial Aid and/or Veterans Educational Benefits may be impacted by a swap transaction. Contact the Enrollment Center prior to taking action.
  • All class requirements (e.g, pre-/co-requisites, department/instructor consent, reserved status, etc.) must be met for the swap to succeed.
  • Credits for the desired course to be added must be greater than or equal to credits for the desired course to be dropped. Swap can be completed via self-service in the Student Center and fees will be adjusted.
  • If enrollment into the added class is unsuccessful (e.g., class/waitlist closed, requisites not met, etc.) the swap process will not drop the class the student is currently enrolled in. The swap process ensures that a student is successfully enrolled in the new class prior to dropping the old class.

Students are assessed tuition and fees per the WTCS Refund Policy.

*Restrictions may apply to any class. Restrictions are designated by the appropriate school office responsible for the class.

For assistance with add, drop, section change and/or swap of classes, see  Class Swap instructions on the Tutorials web page or contact the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.