Starting a New Club

Madison College students or staff can start a new student club. First, complete the Intent to Register Form (PDF format) and turn it in to the Club Coordinator in The Student Life Office. This form will be kept on file while the club is attempting to form. If anyone inquires about a club similar to the one you are forming we will be able to communicate that to the interested person so that they can easily contact you and join.

Download Starting a New Club Packet.

Next, to form a club the following steps must be taken:

  1. Secure an advisor and complete the advising agreement. You should use the Advisor Tips and Guidelines to assist you with finding an advisor and with filling out the Advising Agreement.  For more information download club guidelines.
  2. Recruit members. In order to be a formal club you must have at least 10 student members taking at least one credit class. (Review the Madison College Posting Procedures included in this packet before posting items on campus announcing your plans to start a club.) New clubs have 60 days from the date that the intent to register form is submitted to recruit members and submit registration paperwork.
  3. Select officers and begin holding executive and general meetings.
  4. Identify local or national affiliations your club may be interested in obtaining.
  5. Set membership dues if applicable.
  6. Determine voting procedures. Familiarize yourself with Parliamentary Procedure by reviewing the Parliamentary Procedure Guidelines.
  7. Submit the Club Registration Form , Club Signature Form and membership list to the Student Life Office (the Signature Form activates your checking account).