Steamfitter Apprenticeship

Work Description

Steamfitters assemble, install, alter and repair pipelines or pSteamfitteripe systems that carry water, steam, compressed air, liquids and gases required for processing, manufacturing, heating and cooling. They install piping and tubing made of carbon steel, copper, plastic, glass or other metals using a variety of processes including brazing, welding, screwing, gluing, bending and mechanical joints. Work includes installation of heating and cooling equipment and mechanical control systems.

Working Conditions

Steamfitters work in industrial plants, chemical plants, refineries, power plants, waste water treatment plants, hospitals, and most other commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. The indoor or outdoor work requires strenuous physical stamina with walking, standing, climbing, lifting and working in cramped spaces or in high areas. Steamfitters work in buildings, trenches, roofs, from scaffolding, on ladders and inside tanks. Safety training reduces hazards from exposure to chemicals, gases, fumes, loud noise and falls from ladders and scaffolds.


  • 5 year training program
  • 8,000 hours on-the-job training
  • 500 hours paid related instruction
  • Apprentice must complete Red Cross First Aid, CPR and OSHA Safety Training Courses
  • Apprentice must attend a certain number of hours of unpaid related instruction determined by the local committee.
  • Apprentice must in his/her final year complete the Transition-To-Trainer Course

Classroom subjects include drafting and blueprint reading, mathematics, applied physics and chemistry, and safety.

You can find more information on the Department of Workforce Development of Wisconsin Web page.