Steep & Brew Coffee Shop


Steep & Brew Coffee is available in our main Cafeteria and in our Gateway Cafe.

Students and staff are welcome to enjoy freshly brewed Steep & Brew coffees and premium espresso drinks.  Steep & Brew specializes in roasting only premium Arabica coffee beans sourced from the world's top coffee growing regions and are nationally recognized for exceptional freshness and taste.  We are proud to provide Organic Fair Trade Coffee in all of our coffee venues.  Steep and Brew started in Madison in 1979 and has been a fixture in the local community ever since. 

Cups of drip coffee start at just $0.99 and all drip coffee purchases include one FREE REFILL (same cup, day of purchase only)

SAVINGS ALERT:  Using your OneCard can save students 10% on all purchases in the Cafeteria!

Cafeteria Barista Hours:

Monday - Thursday:  7:00am - 1:00pm

Friday:  7:00am - 11:30am


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