Steps to Become an SI Leader

To become and SI Leader, you must be referred by your instructor.  Openings are subject to available funding.  If you have received confirmation that there is an opening for you, the steps for being hired are as follows:

  • View the SI Orientation Part 1. Click the link to access a 8-minute presentation on the basics of becoming an SI Leader.  You will also be given access to paperwork.  When done viewing the presentation and printing the forms, simply close that window.
  • Schedule Orientation Part 2.  This is a 15-minute session with the SI Supervisor which follows up on information presented in Part 1.  You must also turn in the completed paperwork at this session. 
  • Participate in the paid training.  You are required to attend a 2-hour paid training session at the start of each term.  You will sign up for a training session at Orientation Part 2. 
NOTE: Although not mandatory, we prefer to hire students who are eligible for Federal Work Study.  Check your financial aid award and/or with the Financial Aid department regarding your eligibility.