College Planning

There are three different groups involved in the comprehensive planning process. First, the Board of Trustees, which meet monthly to levy taxes and create general policies. They work on setting the vision for the College and identify major themes and areas for us to focus on in order to accomplish that vision. Secondly, the College Council, an executive leadership group of the College who represent all the major divisions in the College and report to the Vice Presidents and the President. The Union Presidents also participate in this group. The College Council takes the Board's vision and themes and figures out the most important outcomes to achieve the vision and to track progress. And last, the Units, which make up all employee work groups at the College. All staff is involved in planning and improvement efforts through their unit planning process. They create a vision for the future of their area and they identify how they can support the college direction.

The College has made a commitment to continuous improvement, or always striving to become better at how we work, in order to improve services for our students and stakeholders. Planning is the first step in continuous improvement. The planning process that we've documented is based on the principle of plan-do-check-act . We plan what our outcomes are going to be, we do the work and carry out or action plans, we measure and check how we did, and then we act by improving upon that work.

Madison College's revolving plans